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Contestants are to select both age group and repertoire group when registering.

Age Groups:






























*The time indicates for one single work only


 Repertoire Groups:

  • Baroque

  • Classical

  • Romantic

  • Impressionism

  • 20th century

  • Contemporary

  • Polyphonic 

  • Traditional folk music

  • Contestant’s Choice (Final only)


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Monetary Awards* 

  • $100AUD - Junior I

  • $100AUD - Junior II

  • $200AUD - Youth/Senior I

  • $200AUD - Youth Senior II

*Applies to Contestant’s Choice Group only

*This is a single award for one highest score achiever in each instrument group (e.g. Piano, String, Brass, Percussion, Vocal and Chinese Instrument)


The Grand Award - “Georg Breyer Award”

Georg Breyer Award will be presented to a single contestant who receives the highest score amongst all contestants in all age groups and repertoire groups. The prize is a Georg Breyer upright piano GB-U3. 

(Please note: awards receiver is responsible for any freight and government charges if the delivery destination is out side of the manufacturer’s country)

*The organising committee reserves the rights of final interpretation for all rules and regulations


•Competition is open to all instruments and vocal

•The fees are non-refundable unless the competition is cancelled

•Competitors must not present the same piece in more than one section, unless required

Certificate of 1st ,2nd and 3rd award will be presented to contestants accordingly and adjudicators’ decision shall be final

•Any photo taking and video recording is prohibited during the competition

•Contestants will need to bring own instrument except Piano​

•Jury can interrupt the playing at anytime

•In an event where scheduled Adjudicator is unavailable, the committee reserves the right to offer an alternative

Adjudicator. In any such event no entry fees will be refunded

•In all sections subject to an age limit, the age at the date of competition shall be deemed the competitor’s age. Proof of age may be required prior to presentation of any prize

•Clear music copies of performance items must be provided for the adjudicator or the competitor may not be able to compete, at the discretion of the Adjudicator

•Communication with an Adjudicator either by competitor, teacher or other interested party during the competition is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The Committee reserves the right to rule on any apparent breach and in such instances the Committee’s decision shall be final

•The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry

•Competitors in any section not answering when called upon may forfeit their right to take part in that section, subject to a right of appeal to the Committee, which may, if it sees fit, allow a defaulter to take part

•The organising committee reserves the rights of final interpretation for all rules and regulations

•All copyright reserved by Melbourne International Youth Music Competition Organising Committee 

  • Orchestral instrumentalists will need to arrange their own accompaniment

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